DP Dragons was started in 2015 to provide quality bearded dragons at reasonable prices, ranging from lower quality color morphs (better than pet store color quality) to higher quality color morphs (pure color or unique color qualities from a breeder/collector standpoint).

DP Dragons realizes that buying a bearded dragon comes with responsibility and is here to provide customers with the knowledge of owning and taking care of bearded dragons. 
Located in sunny Clearwater, Florida, DP Dragons can ship your new bearded dragon anywhere in the United States where overnight shipping is available (except Hawaii due to Agriculture restrictions).
DP Dragons has over 5 years of experience with bearded dragons and has been a reptile enthusiast for over 30 years (including experience with many species of lizards and snakes).

Our first Bearded Dragon that we raised from a baby was Lemon, who is shown in the photo on this page.  Our next baby to raise was Sprite, and as adults Lemon and Sprite hit it off as a couple.  Most of their offspring were sold, but we did keep a couple of their babies.  From there, we have accummulated other color morphs to add to our beautiful Bearded Dragon collection, which has formed DP Dragons.